Not everyone shuns Confederate flag

Not everyone shuns Confederate flag

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Some Coffee County residents got plenty of supportive honks as they stood outside the county courthouse Thursday, waving different versions of the Confederate flag.

They were showing their support for the flag, after one of the residents was asked to leave the courthouse where he was waving his old Georgia State flag; one that was changed over a decade ago.

The residents say the flag is a tribute to the men who fought and died in the civil war, just like these monuments are. And, with efforts now underway in multiple states to limit the display of the flag, they felt that it was important to stand up and protect that tribute.

Chris Adams was joined by two others at the confederate memorial outside the Coffee County Courthouse.

Adams is carrying the old Georgia State Flag and the others are carrying the two are holding the Confederate flag.

"My family has died for this flag," said Catelin Wood. "I've had family members die for this flag."

Adams was waving the old Georgia state flag in the same spot yesterday, but was asked to leave by a county employee. He complied, but came back this morning with a permit and more flags.

"This is actually the first national flag of the Confederacy," said Chris Adams.

Catelin Wood said she was upset when she heard Adams had been asked to leave. Given her family's history, and felt she needed to come out and express that.

"It really hurt," she said. "I believe it shouldn't be taken down."

Adams says the flag is a part of history and should not be taken down, as lawmakers are trying to do with the confederate flag over the state capitol building in South Carolina after the murder of nine people in a Charleston church last week. Now there's a national move to remove the flag from public spaces because the suspected shooter posed with it.

Adams says he also doesn't agree with Confederate flags being removed from some graves in Alabama. He says even today, Georgia's state flag is still very much like the original confederate flag and he's glad, because it pays tribute to those who fought died for what they believed in.

"If you look closely, it has no state seal in the corner like our current flag. That's all it is. We still have a confederate flag today."

A Vietnam vet stopped by as the three were waving their flags today. He said he doesn't necessarily support the flag, but he is glad to see them standing out there and exercising their first amendment rights.

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