Albany fire victim identified

Albany fire victim identified

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Investigators confirmed a woman died in a fire early Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon, officials identified the victim as 58 year old Connie Watts.

Firefighters were called to the scene around 3:00AM, on Autumn Avenue.

It's a much quieter scene compared to early this morning when firefighters responded to a home they found engulfed in flames, and the roof collapsed.

"We found a victim in the house and initiated CPR, and CPR was turned over to EMS," said Fire Investigator Sam Harris.

Crime scene tape still surrounds the home but investigators believe food left cooking on the stove is what started this deadly fire.

"We have a large amount of fires that are usually caused by unattended cooking," Harris said.

58-year-old Connie Watts lived in the home by herself. Her neighbors tell us they didn't know her well, but she was a dog groomer and had lots of pets.

She recently became a grandmother, and her neighbors say her birthday was coming up. Firefighters say kitchen fires like this can get out of hand quickly, and cause a lot of damage.

"If you leave your stove unattended cooking then more than likely it's going to get out of hand, than what people usually have right above the stove, they store the grease and other products and when fire burns, it burns up," said Harris.

And while it may sound odd, firefighters say keep a pot holder or something to remind you you're cooking if you leave the kitchen.

"You'll look down and you'll say hey, I got something on the stove. It sounds elementary, but the people that I've educated this way, using this method, came back and told me it really does work."

Watts lived at the home by herself.

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