Cordele business owner makes miraculous recovery after brutal attack

Cordele business owner makes miraculous recovery after brutal attack

PLAINS, GA (WALB) - A south Georgia man beaten, robbed, and left for dead has made a miraculous recovery.

Eugene Dennard is speaking publicly for the first time since the attack 8-months ago.

Dennard is recovering at the Lillian Carter Rehab Center in Plains. He looks forward to returning home soon.

Every day Eugene Dennard is one step closer to walking on his own again

He's come a long way since his attack last October.

Willie Telfair attacked and robbed Dennard and dumped him on this dirt road. A group of hunters found him and called for help.

Dennard says he doesn't remember much from the attack except getting into his truck with Telfair who used to work for him.

"I didn't know anything else. I don't remember anything else from the time I got in the truck," says Eugene Dennard.

Now he's focusing on getting better, and getting his legs stronger.

"They exercise my legs a lot and everything so really its been quite an experience," says Dennard.

Which is a challenge, especially since he had both legs amputated from the knees down several years ago because of diabetes.

"When you're in this situation and your head has been banged up and you got stitches all in your head and your stomach, and they've operated on you, and everything, your a totally different person. But I just thank God he brought me out of it," he says.

And he can't wait to return home with his two dogs and his wife.

"No question about that, I don't plan to stay here forever, because its not a situation where I would probably have to, but I'll be happy to be with my two little buddies and my wife," he says.

He says he plans to try to manage his store some again, but admits he'll have to be more careful.

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