Grant helps high schools make improvements

Grant helps high schools make improvements

Two Dougherty County high schools are making progress thanks to a federal grant.

Wednesday, Principals from Monroe and Dougherty High explained to board members how a school improvement grant is helping their schools.

The state gave the schools a $5.7 dollar grant to improve things such as graduation rates and teacher effectiveness.

"The biggest change this year has been our teachers going to training, onsite and offsite, and how its made a difference within our learning community," said Vinson Davis, Monroe Comprehensive High School Principal.

"Our goal is to improve upon all of the improvements they did last year, each of those. So we're going to continue along the same line of work. So we should see the same type of results, if not greater," said Jeffrey Ross, the Dougherty Comprehensive High School Principal.

The money is being distributed over a three year period. In order to qualify, a school has to be a "priority school"..ranking in the bottom five percent in the state.

Monroe and Albany High were recently named for having big gains in their graduation rates.

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