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Clinch Co. seniors begin community vegetable garden to promote healthy eating

Leroy Gant Leroy Gant
Angela Jones Angela Jones

Leroy Gant enjoys getting to come to the Clinch County Senior Center every morning and tend to the garden in the back.

"Well, have you been to the store and seen the price of vegetables," Gant asked rhetorically as he took a break from tending to the tomatoes in the garden.

The seniors began the garden on Good Friday and, as of Wednesday, had been growing plenty of vegetables ever since. "We done ate squash, we done ate cucumbers, we done ate tomatoes. We gon' eat the egg plant and we still got some squash and cucumbers growin' again," said Gant.

The garden was made possible thanks to a grant the center received in the Fall of 2014 from the Southern Georgia Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging.

The center's site director, Angela Jones, said she was apprehensive about applying for the grant at first because she wasn't sure if the seniors would like the idea of taking care of a garden, but the response turned out to be just the opposite.

"Seems like when they see life comin' from the plants, it just really excites 'em," Jones emphasized. "It's just been great. We just enjoy lookin' out the window and watchin' it grow."

Gant said he also enjoys the health benefits the garden provides for he and the other seniors. "When you get to be a senior citizen, you got to watch your diet. Doctor always prescribes more vegetables for you than anything," Gant explained.

Jones said she hoped to see the garden expand and hoped that this will encourage other senior centers in the area to start their own gardens.

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