Referees using summer scrimmages to improve

Referees using summer scrimmages to improve

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Every summer, high school teams in every sport look to take advantage of the time off from school to get better for the upcoming season.

They aren't the only ones.

"It keeps us pretty sharp. It really does," admits GHSA baseball umpire Kevin Corker.

"If you're in it to learn, you'll get better. These summer games will help you a whole lot," he adds.
Whether it's seeing a rule change in action or just brushing up on their technique, it turns out the offseason is key for officials to improve as well.

"They get more work, and they need to get better at their game just like players and coaches do at their game," says Lee County head baseball coach Brandon Brock.

"You would rather referees miss calls out here and learn than you would when they get in your game, miss calls, and learn," says GCAA supervisor of officials Mike Oglesbee.

Oglesbee says summer high school basketball tournaments are used by his league every summer.

"We bring in people that are already on staff, and help improve them on where they're supposed to stand, what to look for, those kinds of things," he says. "Some of the campers here are trying to get into the league, and trying to move up a little bit."

Whether they are rookie refs or seasoned vets, officials say when the athletes are in top form this season, they will be as well thanks to the work put in this summer.

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