Editorial: Dylann Roof's Reaction

Editorial: Dylann Roof's Reaction

Dylann Roof is now charged with 9 counts of murder after confessing to killing 9 innocent people in a downtown Charleston church.

According to a report, Roof told officers he wanted to quote " kill black people to start a race war".

We can all be proud to say Roof's horrendous acts of evil have instead started an avalanche of love.

In the midst of all this heart break across our country, it has been so encouraging to see people from all walks of life coming together to love one another.

Black, white, young, old, men, woman and children -- joining hands, praying for and lifting up our brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina.

We are proving Dylann Roof AND OTHERS WHO HATE are wrong.

Let's keep the wave going. Come together, love one another despite our differences and we will make this, a better country…a better world…

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