Albany leaders vow to have a pleasant Independence Day

Albany leaders vow to have a pleasant Independence Day
Phyllis Whitley-Banks
Phyllis Whitley-Banks
Kristin Caso, Albany Recreation and Parks Department.
Kristin Caso, Albany Recreation and Parks Department.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After security issues forced police to stop the fireworks show in 2012, the July 4th events moved to the fairgrounds the last two years. But city leaders say they're back where they belong.

Out of control teens caused problems during the Fourth of July celebration downtown three years ago. Albany Police say they are ready to make sure that doesn't happen again.

We're a week and a half from the Fourth of July, and Albany city leaders are preparing to bring the city's celebration back downtown.

"We're really looking forward to it this year," said Deanna Fallin.

But as the Parks and Recreation Department highlight all the fun that is planned, safety is also a major topic.

"We've talked to other people who've deal with large crowd and just went back to the drawing board and figured out how we can make it even safer," said Kristin Caso, Albany Recreation and Parks Department.

Albany police have spent time making sure safety is a top priority.

"The security plan has been finalized so people can expect a strong presence of police," said Phyllis Whitley-Banks, Albany Police Department.

All officers who are not sick or on vacation will be on duty to make sure everyone will have a fun and safe time.

"Cameras will be monitored in dispatch as I mentioned that has been a huge issue but we want people to know those cameras will be monitored," Banks said.

The Police Department is stressing that families need to make sure they keep track of their kids.

"So we're encouraging parents that their children are properly monitored because there are citation those parents can received if their child is unattended."

So if you do plan to attend the Fourth of July festivities, APD wants to make sure everyone stays together and safe.

APD will hand out citations to parents if children are left unattended. The fees vary depending on the age. Basically the younger the child, the more costly the citation.

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