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Boston PD carries on, to the last man

Tim Roberts Tim Roberts
Danny Groover Danny Groover
The City of Boston is accepting applications as they try to get their police department back to full staff.

Officer Tim Roberts walks into the Boston Police Department every morning, where he's currently the only full time officer on duty.

"I've been very welcome into this city. There are some great citizens, great people. I've been treated like I've been here 20 years!" said Officer Roberts.

But in reality, he's only been with the city's police department for about a week, carrying out duties that used to be handled by a chief and two other officers. "It's been a challenge to function in both roles. To run the department side of it and also the patrol side of it, it's a dual responsibility," said Roberts.

In the last few months, one officer died in a crash, two resigned, and the city fired the chief. Mayor Danny Groover says the city is looking for well-qualified replacements.

"We are advertising these positions for two weeks. So we are going to see what kind of applicants we get and hope to be hiring soon," said Mayor Groover.

And Mayor Groover says as long as the town of 1,400 has just one full time and one part time officer-- the Thomas County Sheriff's office will continue to help protect the city.

"I think the citizens realize that they are covered and we want them to be assured that they are safe in this community," said Mayor Groover.

The Police-Non-Emergency phone number is 229-498-8024.

If you'd like to apply, applications are available at Boston City Hall and on the Georgia Department of Labor's website. 

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