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Storms can 'bring the thunder' to your electronics

Chuck Williams with Fred's TV Service Chuck Williams with Fred's TV Service
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The afternoon thunderstorms so common this time of year can threaten more than your safety. They can put some expensive items in your home in danger. 

Technicians at Fred's TV service are busy taking apart and repairing broken televisions. Many power supplies shorted out after being struck by lightning. "At this time of year, we see them every week," said Chuck Williams with Fred's TV Service.

Williams says the best way to prevent your TV or computer from becoming another one in this crowded room is simply to unplug when thunderstorms come. "That's the safest way no doubt," said Williams.

But that's not always the most practical way, considering you may not even be home when the weather hits. So there are other steps to take. "I recommend you go out and purchase you a multi-strip and I would get one that's rated at 600 jewels or more," said Williams.

"These are some of the main modules that lightning damages."

Williams says there's a specific place you should plug your TV or computer into so lightning has a low chance at damaging your appliances. "This is your line coming in on this side, so I would recommend, or we do for TV's, is using the very last receptacle on the end," said Williams.

These tips could save you a lot of money the next time a big storm comes your way.

Those surge protectors aren't a 100% safety net to lightning damage but it's much better than plugging straight into the wall.

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