One city's fight to end animal abuse start with city commission

One city's fight to end animal abuse start with city commission

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Animal control officers spent much of Monday placing signs on city streets encouraging the public to report animal abuse. The project started because of one commissioner's love for animals.

7 dogs roam around Zack Wade's business on a daily basis.

There's Black Bart, Brown Boy, and Booty inside, not to mention another 3 that stay outside and act as guard dogs.

Every one of them has something in common.

"But every one of them was strays that just came up here--hungry and lost and we give them a home," said Cordele City Commission Chairman Zack Wade.

Their food now takes up a prominent spot in the office, but saving these dogs isn't his mission. His mission is saving all the other dogs enduring abuse every day.

"I like dogs. I like animals period, and I don't like to see anything or anybody abused," said Wade.

A sign now stands in the ground at his corner business, and a poster takes up a big spot in his front window--hopefully drawing attention to the growing problem of animal abuse.

"Leaving them out, no food, no water, tie them to a tree and let them sit there all day long," said Wade.

Animal control officers are also taking to the streets putting up more signs around the city with two main goals in mind.

"To educate the public on appropriate animal care and hopefully letting them know they can call anonymously," said Cordele Animal Control Officer Amy Stokes.

Police announced a new initiative to stop dog fighting earlier this month, and they're equally behind catching other types of abuse.

"The whole commission is behind it and the town is behind it, a vast majority. I don't think many people like to see animals abused," said Wade.

No one has been arrested or charged with animal abuse or dog fighting, but Wade hopes these signs will spur citizen action to stop each from happening.