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The heat wave can be dangerous; rough on crops, too

Sheriff Hancock Sheriff Hancock
Johnny Cochran Johnny Cochran
CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Dangerously hot temperatures dominate most of southwest Georgia again this week.

Emergency Management Agency directors are once again reminding you to be safe and smart in this weather.

"If you get light headed, dizzy, you start feeling cramps, then you need to immediately head to a shaded cool area and take on some fluids so you can get that body temperature down," said Sheriff Billy Hancock, Crisp County EMA Director.

Another thing to keep in mind with weather like this. severe thunderstorms can creep up very quickly, so Sheriff Hancock reminds you always to have a plan to get somewhere safe if one of those storms comes your way. The good news is that they do tend to move through the area quickly.

Hot, dry weather could have a big impact on this year's peanut crop, too. Some farmers have received less than an inch of rain in the last month and a half.

The plants need one to two inches of rain each week for ideal growth. Dry land peanuts could take a major hit if this weather pattern continues.

"These rocks that are in the soil will heat the plant up and cause a break in the skin on the plant and allow soil pathogens to invade the plant and weaken the plant and we'll see a yield reduction from that just from the heat," said farmer Johnny Cochran.

Forecasters do expect more rain and cooler temperatures by this weekend.

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