Keeping father's healthy for more

Keeping father's healthy for more

Lots of activities going on this weekend to celebrate Father's Day. It's also the kick off to National Men's Health Week. Today Phoebe hosted an event to get father's educated on staying healthy.

Ronnie Lamens makes it a point to attend Phoebe's "Healthy Families, Healthy Men's Celebration." 

"That's what make me keep coming out because they keep giving me good tips and things to motivate me." 

And this year he decided to bring his grandson, who keeps his motivated to stay healthy.  

"Because I want to be around and see him grow up." 

Phoebe has hosted the event for for 12 years, and has seen a difference in the community. 

"Some of the disease factor that men where suffering years ago we're now seeing a healthier man in our area,"Darrell Sabbes said. 

Lamens says that there is a history of heart disease in his family, something that he's been able to battle thanks to this event. 

 "I come here and they say you can beat those genes so that make you know.. that make it worth while."

Nurses were on hand to screen people for things such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

"The more you know about it the more you'll start to look early."

Which Darrell Sabbes says is important, because the earlier the better, which ensures plenty more holidays, especially Father's Day,  Lamens can celebrate with his family. 

They also gave away lots of prizes including T-shirts.

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