Wildlife rescuers help domestic animals, too

Wildlife rescuers help domestic animals, too
Chet Powell
Chet Powell
Stephanie Hartley
Stephanie Hartley

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - The Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association may be best known for helping rescue wildlife...but that's not all they do.

Friday morning, a Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association member helped search for a dog that had escaped while being taken to its new owner after having been rescued from a hoarding situation.

Harper is a black and brown Chihuahua that escaped the car she was being transferred in Thursday near Lake Park. She was spotted by some residents at the apartment complex behind Triangle Foods just North of Lake Park along Hwy. 41 Thursday night and again Friday morning.

Chet Powell, with the Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association, said even though the organization primarily works with wild animals, they're glad to help domestic animals as well.

"It's just a natural extension of what we do," Powell explained as he drove up and down Hwy. 41 helping search for the dog.

After close to an hour of searching Friday morning, Harper caught everyone off guard when she darted out of a wooded area and started running down the street.

But, she went into some more woods and was lost again before she could be caught.

Stephanie Hartley was fostering Harper until Thursday when Harper headed off for Florida. Hartley said Harper was on heart worm medication and the heat and the stress of being lost and running around could've made the condition worse.

"She's not supposed to be running, jumping, anything active because it could seriously endanger her health," Hartley emphasized.

Hartley said she's glad to have an organization like the wildlife rescue association be so willing to help out. "It shows such great partnership...that they're able to come out and help in this kind of situation," said Hartley.

Powell said that's what the organization is all about...helping.

For more information about the Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association, visit  http://www.georgiawildliferescue.org/.

If you see the dog, call (229) 546-7143.

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