Pastors discuss security, community prayer vigil

Pastors discuss security, community prayer vigil
Rev. Frederick Williams
Rev. Frederick Williams

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After the South Carolina church attack, some Albany church leaders recommend all churches improve their security this weekend.

The ministers say they don't want any church members to be afraid to worship. And say Albany churches must stand up against evil, hate, and racism.

Gethsemane Worship Center Bishop Frederick Williams said "We have to be unified. That's the only way we always defeated evil. Is by coming together."

Four Albany ministers meet to discuss the Charleston church murders, and protecting their own congregations. Williams said "I think that the need of all churches to increase their security is prevalent right now, because we are seeing churches are targets."

All the ministers' churches have had armed officers during worship for years,...and urge all churches review security because of the Charleston church murders.

Trumpet of God Ministries Minister Charlene Glover said, "Aware of the potential danger and harm that is outside. That will come inside. The church is not exempt from evil."

Providence Church Missions Outreach Minister David Blackwell said. "And it's sad at the same time because it is supposed to be the sanctuary. Which is the safe place. What happened in Charleston this week proves it is not that."

The ministers say all people of faith should not be afraid to attend their church worship this week. Agape Christian Worship Center Minister Isha Odom said "I think some people are fearful. But we need to make them feel safe in the household of God."

Bishop Williams urges church members to take responsibility for their safety. "Be vigilant. Watch and make sure everybody is paying attention to their surroundings. I don't think we need to walk in fear. But we just need to take a lot of more precautions to go in and worship our God."

The ministers said the Charleston church murders should be a wake up call for all South Georgia churches. Everyone is invited to gather at the Gethsemane Worship Center Monday morning from 11:00 a.m. until noon.

Pastor Bishop Frederick Williams says that they want to pray for the healing of Charleston, and for the future of Albany, in light of the racially-motivated murder of nine people in a Bible study Wednesday night.

The church is located at 529 10th Avenue, at North Madison Street.

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