Tifton church remembers the victims of the Charleston church shooting

Tifton church remembers the victims of the Charleston church shooting
David Hetzel
David Hetzel
Reverend Ponder
Reverend Ponder

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A Tifton church hosts a vigil Thursday night to honor the victims of Wednesday's deadly attack inside a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Churches all around the country stood in solidarity as this crime sent shockwaves through communities.

Churches, much like Dayspring Inspirational Church, are all coping with this terrible crime, about 45 miles east from here in Tifton, several congregations came together.

With heads bowed and eyes closed people gathered at Dayspring Inspirational Church in Tifton to remember each of the 9 people killed Wednesday night in Charleston.

Blacks and whites stood together as one.

"It's not just an act against black and white but also we must look at, it's an attack against the ministry and an attack against the church as well," said Reverend Cornelius Ponder.

For those in attendance, it was about grieving this tragedy.

"Try to start healing some of the wounds that we as citizens of this community recognize are going on throughout this country," said David Hetzel.

David Hetzel is one of many ministers who prayed during the vigil tonight.

"Our country has a got an issue that we need to confront," said Hetzel.

The hope to improve race relations by bringing people together.

"Solutions of this thing is to recognize right up front that we've got an issue, got a problem," said Hetzel.

A problem he said that can only be fixed by prayer and unity no matter the color or denomination.

"This is a great time for all pastors to realize how important it is to be together one with another and it's time out for division among pastors," said Reverend Ponder.

This is just one way his church is standing up to this unimaginable crime.

"The church must stand again, and when the church is silent, then the enemy is risen," saod Reverend Ponder.

An outcome that no one in this room wants to see.

Pastors from all around the country have stressed the importance of prayer like that and unity no matter your race.

Reverend Ponder hopes churches in Tifton turn this tragedy into something positive in their community.

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