Crews clean up after tree smashes mobile home

Crews clean up after tree smashes mobile home

Folks in a Dougherty County mobile home park are thankful no one was injured after a tree came crashing down on a home Wednesday night. Neighbors say they heard a loud noise, then their power went out. But the damage in the daylight is worse than they ever imagined.

Crews spent hours carving up this massive tree, which toppled onto this mobile home on Sylvester Road.

"I just heard, it sound like a big old, it sounded like a car crash for a minute." said Marlo Iglus.

Residents in the Piney Woods neighborhood say they heard a loud noise Wednesday night, then they lost power.

"It sounded like a car crash, but it was a real humongous sound, like a earthquake or something," said Shandra Dawson, who lives nearby. "It was a loud boom, so it was really scary."

"I was just laying in the bed and I just heard a boom and all the lights and stuff went out. I just walked outside and looked and I just seen a big ole tree just laying on top of the house," said Iglus.

But the damage is worse in the daylight. Crews worked through the heat and gnats to clean up.

WALB got an exclusive interview Wednesday night with Tracie Coston, the woman who rents this mobile home. "We thought a tornado hit, it was crazy," said Coston. But they weren't there today.

Neighbors say the family just moved in recently. "They're new neighbors and I feel so bad for them," explained Iglus.

And they're thankful more damage wasn't done. "You can't replace a life, so at a time like this you have to pray and thank God that it wasn't us. You have to thank God really because it could have been worse than what it was," said Dawson.

Officials with Homes Plus, Inc, which owns the mobile home, say the damage inside is minor and they hope the home can be fixed by repairing the roof.

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