Mitchell County family evaluates storm damage

Mitchell County family evaluates storm damage

Strong storms ripped the awning off a house on Gravel Hill Road and tore it to pieces, leaving it scattered around Vicky Belinc's backyard. Metal pieces even ended up in a nearby tree.

Their antenna was also damaged. They believe that's what put a hole in their roof.

While the storm hit around 7:30 Wednesday night, they didn't realize the extent of the damage until Thursday morning.

"It was a big shock, because you couldn't really see the extent of it until you started walking around and it's going to be a lot of work," said Belinc. "And the roof's messed our bedroom up, it's leaked all through there."

Their insurance adjuster was coming today to survey the damage.

Belinc says she had to explain to her two children that this was part of nature and that the most important thing is that they're all ok.

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