Baseball teams battle heat during summer workouts

Baseball teams battle heat during summer workouts

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - It's brutally hot in south Georgia lately, but area baseball teams know the work they put in in this heat will pay off during the season.

Summer baseball is underway in south Georgia.

Lee County and Thomas County Central met up Wednesday in Thomasville, splitting a pair of games.

It's crucial for high school teams to take advantage of the summer to get ready for the upcoming season, and coaches say you can see the progress.

"A lot of them will hit a huge growth spurt between now and January or February," says Lee Co. head coach Brandon Brock. "It's great because they grow mentally, and it's good to get some younger guys into these varsity games like we're doing and like everybody's doing."

"It makes you develop depth," says TCC head coach Chad Parkerson. "You have an opportunity to throw some kids out in situations and see how they respond."

Many coaches not only have to make the best of the heat, but players' schedules as well.

In baseball, many players are also members of travel teams, which play most of their games during the summer as well.

This can create a dilemma for high school coaches, as they try to maximize their time with players while also allowing them some freedom.

"It's a give and take," admits Parkerson. "It's also good they have pride in where they come from and who they play for and they make school ball a priority."

"We've got pretty much everybody but two or three guys," says Brock. "It shows commitment, that they want to be here with us, or that they want to be with somebody else. We're just happy to have most of our guys."

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