Chehaw officials work hard to keep animals cool

Chehaw officials work hard to keep animals cool

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Chehaw park officials are making sure to keep their animals stay cool during this heat wave.

Park officials gave these Lemurs and Meerkats a frozen treat.

They gave frozen grapes to the lemurs and frozen crickets to the Meerkats.

They've also set up water sprinklers and shade structures so they could get out of the sun.

Officials said they've been providing frozen treats to the animals daily.

"Depending on the type of animal, either fruit or crickets, meal worms some type of insects and we'll either freeze them in fruit or water. One of the two and they basically just use them as popsicles only for animals," said Ben Roberts Zoological Manager.

Some Chehaw campers also got a chance to feed frozen crickets to the meerkats.

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