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Bubble party on the way to surgery

John Michael John Michael
wagon ride at the hospital wagon ride at the hospital
Michele Cavenaugh Michele Cavenaugh
Laurel Lamb Laurel Lamb
nurses making a difference nurses making a difference

A hospital can be scary for a young child. 3 year old John Michael needed surgery at Tift Regional Medical Center. Hospital employees put John Michael and his family's fears at ease by turning it into a "party"

Through the eyes of a child, these nurses are making a difference for families. His mom Michele says, "I was a wreck the night before thinking about it." Michele says right away the nurses put her at ease and turned fear of her three year old's surgery into fun. She says, "He really likes Thomas the Train so they went and found Thomas so it made it very easy."

When Laurel Lamb started at Tift Regional Medical Center 7 years ago she decided to get creative. Lamb says, "I blow bubbles and try to help distract them and separate them from mom and dad because it is scary."

Michele says, "They rolled him in the wagon to surgery and he was catching the bubbles didn't even realize we were behind him."

Lamb says thinking on a child's level makes all the difference. She says, "There's more smiles there's more laughs and the staff really get into it."

Lamb says Its the little things that make such a big difference. She says, "I give em stickers to decorate their id band downstairs and give them things to color."

John Michael's sister Beth and brother Ben have been taking care of their little brother at home since the surgery. Beth says, "Today I put a cover on him so he wouldn't be cold."

Michele says, "To this day he thinks he was at a bubble party".Michele says her son doesn't have a fear of hospitals because of Laurel lamb and the nurses. Michele says, John Michael doesn't have any bad memories, it's all a bubble party.

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