Furry friends get very hot, too

Furry friends get very hot, too

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As we try to keep our selves cool in this extremely hot weather, you might want to keep our fury curly friends in mind.

When dealing with dogs who have thicker coats, such as poodles, be sure that air can reach your dogs' hair.

Pet groomers suggest that the dog under coat is well maintained and brushed out.

There is a trick to make sure your canine friend with thick hair is in good shape for the summer.

"Actually separate your dogs coat, if you can see skin easily your dog's in good shape. If you have to dig through to find the skin you need to have your dogs hair bruised out, blown out and the under coat removed," said Pet Groomer Donna Lesperance

If you have a dog with long hair and you do decide to cut it make sure to check the dogs skin for sun burn.

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