New bill helps dual enrollment students with tuition

New bill helps dual enrollment students with tuition

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Technical college officials inform parents and students of a new state senate bill to kick-in in less than a month.

Tuesday they held a New Move on When Ready and New High School Graduation informational session.

Senate Bill 132 combines Accel, Dual Enrollment and the former Move on When Ready program into one, allowing high school students to take Dual Enrollment courses at a post secondary institution in the state.

"Tuition is waived, they will have free tuition paid for however many years they start out. If they start out as 10th graders in high school then of course they'll have two to three years of free education. Books are covered with the new Move on When Ready program as well," said Chayla Kendrick, ATC High School Coordinator.

More than 240 students were dually enrolled at Albany Tech last fiscal year, Kendrick estimates a 20 percent increase for Fiscal year 2016. Senate Bill 132 goes into effect July 1st.

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