Mayor Hubbard plans to seek reelection

Mayor Hubbard plans to seek reelection

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says she's running for reelection.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said there's still more work to be done in Albany and said she wants to continue the work she started.

"In order for us to move forward we're going to have to work together," said Mayor Hubbard.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard has been Albany's top city leader for nearly four years and says she has no plans of stopping now.

"I started doing quite a number of things that I would like to be able to monitor and see completed," said Mayor Hubbard.

Mayor Hubbard said that since 2013 the number of city employees has decreased by 230 workers by merging the utility department with the city.

Combining seven departments and promoting from within has been effective for the city and its work Mayor Hubbard wants to continue to monitor.

"Where we could combine duties and responsibilities. We've done that and we've cut a lot of cost by doing that," said Mayor Hubbard.

She's also looking towards the future in generating revenue for the city by expanding utility services through Rails to Trails.

"You're looking at the future, because we know that telecom and technology is the way of future."

she's also focusing on more jobs.

"We think that as the job investment fund grows there will be other industries coming in, but we have to be vigilant."

The Mayor also volunteers her time in the community forming the Mayor's Call to Service and her Economic Development Coalition answering concerns from the community and working with the school system: colleges and universities.

"Will we be able to get jobs. Are we educating the people who live in the city to the point that they would be able to handle jobs coming in," continued Mayor Hubbard.

Despite her success, Mayor Hubbard doesn't take all of the credit. She relies on her faith and board of commissioners.

"I have a board of commissioners who work with me and I thank them for what they've done."

No one else has announced plans to run against Mayor Hubbard yet.

Qualifying for the elections runs from August 31st to September 4th.

The Election is November 3rd.

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