Family's prized race trailer stolen

Family's prized race trailer stolen

BACONTON, GA (WALB) - Someone stole the Santos family's motocross trailer from outside their Baconton home Monday morning. They travel thousands of miles each year for Joseph to race motocross. It's been Joseph's sport since age 4.

Joseph Santos said "It's really what my life is always been around. Which was riding. And I just want to continue it."

They estimate the loss at least $25,000. Alice Santos said "It's a lot of money tied up in that. And for somebody to just come up and take it. I mean it's just heartbreaking."

A bold thief towed the trailer right from its usual spot by their home on Bowles Street outside Baconton. The motorcycle is a 2014 Yamaha 250-F. Besides riding the roads for hours hunting the trailer, Alice has been busy on Facebook posting pictures, asking for people's help. Even she is shocked by the outpouring of support, from Massachusetts to South Florida.

Alice Santos said "It's just really amazing all the people that are trying to help us recover what we have lost."

The Mitchell County Sheriff's office is investigating the theft. Investigators say there have been a number of entering autos recently in the area, but don't know if the crimes are related.

Joseph was supposed to race in Alabama this weekend, but those and all his future racing plans are on hold for now. "I hope we get it back, but it's going to be tough."

The Santos hope someone will spot the trailer on the road. They believe the thief will try to pawn the motorcycle. They hope their hundreds of new on line friends can help them recover their wheels, and get Joseph racing again soon.

If you have any information about this stolen trailer or motorcycle, call the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office.

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