Albany cools down in the summer heat

Albany cools down in the summer heat

If you haven't notice lately the weather is feeling kind of hot outside.

Kids are either swimming or having fun at the splash pad, to stay cool from dangerous heat.

"This is when we're really expecting more heat related incidents," Sam Allen said.

Dougherty County EMS Supervisor Sam Allen says when the temperatures are this hot it is important for everyone to remember what to do to avoid suffering from heat related ailments.

"With this heat wave coming through it will hit you faster than you realize."

Many head to a swimming pool to cool off when it gets this hot.  Allen urges parents to watch their kids when if they are jumping into a pool.

"That sudden rush sometimes depending on the person's system they may go to a point that they go unresponsive we don't want anybody going unresponsive in the water."

Allen also suggest drinking water or sports drinks to prevent dehydration.

"When you quit sweating and your skin gets extremely hot very warm to the touch that's when you are getting into the danger zone point.

Parents and pet owners are also reminded to check their cars when leaving during this hot weather.

"A car with in ten minutes can probably exceed 130, 140 degrees"

So when driving or outdoors during this hot weather make sure to keep your self cool, because it's really outside.

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