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South GA youngsters become certified safe baby sitters

Hillary Crosby Hillary Crosby
Annalee Bickers Annalee Bickers

More than a dozen South Georgia youngsters were, as of Tuesday, certified safe babysitters thanks to a class at South Georgia Medical Center.

Pounding on the back of these plastic babies with the heels of their palms was important practice for the 13 students in the class to learn how to help a choking baby.

But, knowing how to help a choking baby was just one of the safe babysitting techniques this class teaches students. "They come to this class to learn the basics, like CPR and first aid for infants and children," said class instructor Hillary Crosby.

12 year old Annalee Bickers said she was hoping to earn some money by babysitting over the Summer and was therefore glad to be in the class. "If a baby chokes and I don't know CPR then I can just call 911, but it would be safer if I know it," said Bickers.

The class also teaches much more than just first aid and CPR. "To always lock the doors at night and to keep the windows locked at night and to never let anybody in unless it's the employer," Bickers said, explaining what else she had learned in the class besides first aid and CPR.

Said Crosby, "they learn about bedtime routines, snack routines, and how to manage all that."

Crosby emphasized that bottom line, the class was all about making the students more prepared for potential babysitting jobs.

"I told my cousin, he was in here with me, I told him, 'I wanna baby sit that girl at my church today'," Bickers said, smiling.

Now, thanks to the class Annalee can be confident that she'll know how to keep that baby as safe as possible when it's in her care.

For more information about the class or to sign up, call (229) 433-1074.

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