Three arrested in Darton sneaker caper

Three arrested in Darton sneaker caper

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two 18 year olds and a 16 year old were arrested after the theft of three pairs of expensive sneakers last week on a remote part of the Darton State campus.

Multiple police agencies responded to arrest Kahlil Nether just west of Sylvester, as he was driving the car that was used in the theft of the shoes from Juron West, who brought them to sell, but was robbed of them at gunpoint.

He is charged with theft and receiving stolen goods.

"It's a big fad now, I guess, to wear them a while. After you stand in line at the stores when the new ones come out. They wear them a while and then arrange to either sell them or swap them for another pair," said Darton Police Chief Jim Brackin.

Police say Brandon Brown used a gun to rob West of the shoes, and he was arrested Monday night when he turned himself in.

A 16 year who police say arranged the whole thing, cannot be identified. He was arrested and charged with being party to a crime.

Darton State College issued this release Tuesday morning-

Darton Police plan to bring criminal charges against three individuals for the armed robbery that occurred on campus Monday, June 8, 2015.

The following individuals will be charged as listed:

ARRESTED: KHALIL M. NETHERS, 18 years of age: CHARGES: Armed Robbery and Theft by Receiving Stolen Property

WARRANTS TAKEN: BRANDON DESEAN BROWN, 18 years of age: CHARGES: Armed Robbery and Carrying a Weapon within a School Safety Zone.

ARRESTED: JUVENILE 16 years of age: Party to a Crime

The investigation revealed that Khalil Nether borrowed a friend's car and picked up Brandon Brown and the juvenile at Westwood Apartments. Arrangements had been made by the juvenile and Brown to meet the victim to buy some Jordan athletic shoes. They agreed to meet on the Meadowlark Extension in the back of Darton State College Campus,

Evidence in this case pointed to Brandon DeSean Brown possessing the gun that was pointed at the victim. Khalil Nether was beside Brown when Brown produced the gun. Nether then assisted Brown remove three pairs of Jordan athletic shoes from the victim's truck. They also removed his truck keys.

None of these individuals are connected with Darton State College. Two pairs of the stolen shoes have been recovered.

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