Tift County parts way with Tifton Tift County Fire Department

Tift County parts way with Tifton Tift County Fire Department

Tifton fire chief Michael Coleman continues to defend his department after Tift County Commissioners voted to opt out of an agreement with the city and form their own fire department.

"The county commissioners voted to split from the fire department."

Coleman says that decision was made after the county says it found several areas of concern in its investigation into the city run fire department.

So now, the city is doing their own investigation.

"What we are doing is we have hired a consultant to come in and evaluate the situation with the Tifton Tift county Fire service."

Once the report is completed the city and the county will both receive the report.

Chief Colman says it's up to the county on what they will do with the report.

"I can only assume that they will then take that report and uh make some decisions in the future regarding our fire department."

At the end of the day Chief Coleman says what he hopes comes from the report are improvement to better assist residents.

"My biggest concern is that the citizens of Tifton and Tift County are a safe as possible."

Tift County Commission Chairman Grady Thompson says the city investigation will not change the county's stance adding a line has been drawn in the sand.

Thompson says the city and county can continue to have joint fire department but if so it will be run by the county.

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