Ashburn man spends the night in haunted jail.

One brave soul is spending the night at an old haunted Ashburn jail.

Sometimes you can hear unexplained door slams at the historical Crime and Punishment Museum.

"I wouldn't be spending the night in here," Stevi Thompson said. 

Hear stories from guides of strange occurrences about a ghost believed to be a former inmate Miles Gibbs.

"There's been incidents of um of  Coke bottles or something like that being left in here."

The strange happenings inside the former jail are bringing ghost hunters from across the southeast to Ashburn. Greg Milette is preparing to be locked in here for the night. 

"The worst I am expecting is to get spooked out and I expect that might happen," Greg Milette said. 

In fact the action may have already started as we both heard an unexplained door slam during this interview.

Milette has heard stories of the old haunted jail.

"I've heard about beds and a couple of the cells shaking on their own. "

He's even visited here about four times but he's not afraid of no ghost.

"I'm rather skeptical of ghost maybe my opinion will be changed by the morning." 

 Milette plans to spend most of his night reading the book "Crime and Punishment" to raise money for a cause close to his heart.

"I'm reading it in an effort to gain attention for Greentree Learning Center which is a non profit I operate."

 Milette says once he is finished the book he will be out the door.

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