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Deans List Hannah Thompson

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Hannah Thompson Hannah Thompson
Jeremy Davidson Jeremy Davidson
Deans List Deans List

With 2 state championships under her belt, Hannah Thompson is a proven protector of her team. Guarding her heart was a different kind of challenge. Hannah says. "The number one thing I've had to face is my parents divorce. Having that hole in my life that could not be filled all the time."

Hannah says her coaches at Sherwood Christian Academy helped her learn not to let that define who she is. Hannah says, "They have both stepped in and offered I will be your father figure. and that is one of the most impactful things of going to Sherwood."

Jeremy Davidson is both teacher and coach. His approach to teaching is balance. Jeremy says, "We want to build students here at sherwood that are complete academically, that are complete emotionally, physically and spiritually."

Hannah credits her mom for her good study habits, but it wasn't always easy having her mom teaching in a classroom down the hall. Hannah says, "She finds out everything about me and everything we do."

And her relationship with her father now she says, "Our relationship is growing and I had learned to forgive."

Jeremy says peer pressure, trying to impress others is the number one issue that leads students down a negative path. Encouraging missions changes their perspective. Jeremy says, "Hannah is an example. Once you see some of those things you can't go back to what was normal before."

Hannah says, "Being able to see other cultures has really opened my eyes to what I can do to impact the world."

Hannah's message to others. "Don't let statistics of girls growing up without a father define who you are because those are just meaningless."

And now she's focused on following her dreams.

Hannah says. "I'm excited."

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