Weather damages Lee Co. courthouse

Weather damages Lee Co. courthouse

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Clean up is underway in the Lee County courthouse, after wind and heavy rains caused damage to the roof Wednesday evening.

Officials are concerned about how much damage was caused by water sitting on the floors overnight.  Crews are beginning the clean up Thursday, and will peel back carpets to assess further damage.

"It's also damaged the furniture," said Lee County administrator Ron Rabun "Certainly there's a problem here.""you can see where the floor is beginning to buckle here already and that's why we've got to pull the carpet away, get this moisture off this floor so it won't do anymore damage than it's already done."

Workers noticed the ceiling had caved in in two rooms this morning and alerted county officials.

"We think what happened is that so much rain came in, it went up over the sheet metal and up into the parapet walls," said Rabun. "we'll be drying this out, peeling the carpet back and seeing what we've got."

Now crews are cleaning up, so county officials can see exactly how much damage has been done.

Rabun says the courthouse, which is nearly 100 years old, has been in need of renovations for some time. "We're on the verge of doing some major repairs to the courthouse exterior anyway and this is just another reminder of why we need to do it."

While they're not sure how much this weather event will cost the county...they're expecting to pour some money into the old building to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"I expect that we'll have to spend a half million dollars on the exterior of this courthouse just to get it safe and waterproof again."

Rabun says the courthouse is in need of renovations, and this is another example of why.

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