Worth County man warns of IRS scam

Worth County man warns of IRS scam
Tony Bailey, Received Scam Call
Tony Bailey, Received Scam Call

SUMNER, GA - A Worth County man got an unexpected phone call that turned out to be a scam. He encourages you to be on the lookout.

Tony Bailey says a phone call claiming to be from the IRS startled him and he's glad he didn't fall for it.

This is the message left on Tony Bailey's answering machine yesterday that Bailey says he didn't see coming.

"Well it's very upsetting when you get a phone call that says you're being sued," said Tony Bailey.

Bailey says he knew the call was fishy.

"Since they didn't say my name I suspected that it was just a scam call or something that I would certainly want to ignore," said Bailey.

Bailey says he was tempted to call back the number that was given.

"I was curious to find out what they wanted to know," said Bailey. "What they wanted to find out and I was very tempted to call, but that's something I did not do."

Instead he did some research on the 206 area code number and found that it was a scam.

"I researched the number to find out it was a number out of Seattle Washington," said Bailey.

Bailey says he's never been scammed before and is usually on the lookout to avoid scams like watching his favorite local news station WALB.

"I'm on the computer a lot," said Bailey. "I hear a lot about scam calls and even on WALB-TV they warn people against scam calls."

He's hoping others in South Georgia will use this incident to be aware of any suspicious phone calls they may receive.

"You want to always beware of any phone calls that's asking for personal information that you receive," said Bailey. "You don't want to give out that personal information."

If you think you are being targeted as part of a scam you are asked to contact your local law enforcement agency.

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