Speed bumps installed around Lake Loretta

Speed bumps installed around Lake Loretta

Pedestrians and residents around Albany's Lake Loretta are noticing a safety addition- speed bumps.

Folks in that area have been trying to get drivers on Edgewater Road to slow down. That area is heavily populated with runners, walkers and geese.

Some residents say they already feel safer with these speed bumps installed.

"I think it will help. I think it's for the benefit. Like I said, for the person who disregards the speed limit, it will definitely help," said Albany resident, Keith Hicks.

"For me it's much better, because I like to walk in the middle of the road so I'm not so afraid when the cars coming," explained Angelita Reynolds, who walks regularly around the lake.

Albany City Commissioners approved the speed bumps in February and three have been installed.

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