Store owner posts reward for brazen burglary

Store owner posts reward for brazen burglary
APD's Phyllis Banks
APD's Phyllis Banks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The owner of Homerun Foods is offering a reward after a burglar broke in and stole cigarettes and beer.

It was all caught on camera, and officials are hoping someone will recognize the person, who threw a chunk of concrete through the front door of Homerun Foods on Gillionville Road, or saw something suspicious early Saturday morning.

The owner of the store believes that the thief got the concrete from breaking off a piece of the curb behind the store.

Cameras capture the man looking in the window at 3:08 Saturday morning, then crashing through the door at 3:11.

"Once the detective does a thorough review of the video, then they'll determine if anyone else is involved," said Phyllis Banks of APD.

Once inside, the burglar makes a mad dash behind the counter, grabbing a crate and loading it up with 18 cartons of Newport Menthol cigarettes, then he keeps his head down, running to grab a case of beer.

"Right now it's still under investigation. Detectives are working very diligently to determine what occurred and to locate suspects," Banks said.

The man was wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt with a red shirt on his head and a white hat.

"The most important thing, if anybody was in the area at that time that they call police and let them know what they saw."

The owner of Homerun Foods is offering a $500 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

"Also, we appreciate the fact that the owner of the store is putting up a reward. That always helps with bringing people to give out information so that's very important. And people can also utilize crimestoppers if they have any information regarding what occurred at the store."

And authorities stress that if you do have information you can remain anonymous with Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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