Albany shooting victim's family seeks answers from police

Albany shooting victim's family seeks answers from police
Alexander Terrell, Brother
Alexander Terrell, Brother
Lawanda Davis, Sister
Lawanda Davis, Sister

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The family of an Albany shooting victim doesn't want the accused killer charged. They do have questions about what happened Saturday night and they say they aren't getting answers from police.

Cameron Jones remains in the Dougherty County Jail tonight. He has not been charged in the shooting death of Quentin Cheatham. Some of the victim's relatives say Jones has their full support.

Family members of 32-year-old Quentin Cheatham tightly hold on to these pictures remembering the Albany businessman whose life was tragically cut short over the weekend.

"He was a good person," said Lawanda Davis, Sister. "He wasn't no thug. He wasn't a drug dealer, my brother worked. He had his own business."

They even set up a makeshift memorial outside his home. Saturday night Cheatham was shot in the 15 hundred block of Malone Drive. He later died at the hospital. Police took in Cheatham's childhood friend, 27-year-old Cameron Jones as a person of interest.

"Cameron to me is just like my brother," said Alexander Terrell, Brother.

Family members believe the shooting was accidental.

"We don't want him to be charged with anything," said Davis. "It was an accident."

"I know it wasn't intentional because we do everything together," said Terrell.

They're even thanking Jones for trying to save Quentin's life and taking him to the hospital.

"I don't hold no grudges or anything and we just want his family to know that we are here for them," said Davis.

The family is now seeking more answers from police surrounding what happened that fatal night.

"Police y'all letting the streets tell us what happened, that's wrong," said Terrell.

"I can't get any relief from all of this because nobody won't tell us nothing," said Davis. "I can go on Facebook and get more information than I can get information from the police."

Police took Jones into custody Sunday. That means tomorrow they will either have to charge him with a crime or release him. Cheatham's relatives say they are working on funeral arrangements but it's difficult not knowing what happened to him.

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