New fire service rating expected to lower insurance costs

New fire service rating expected to lower insurance costs

A lot of Worth County residents will save on their homeowners insurance thanks to a new fire service rating.

Worth County officials announced on Tuesday that four additional stations are now recognized with an ISO five rating.

Sylvester already had a five rating. Now the Sumner, Warwick, Shingler and County line stations have ratings of five instead of 10.

Property owners in those areas will notice a big difference. "This will result in a significant savings and insurance premiums to the residents, who are in the coverage area designated by ISO, at the savings of 20 to 40 percent on their homeowners insurance," said Ken Hall, a Worth County Commissioner.

Currently 60 percent of Worth County is covered, but county officials hope to add other stations to eventually cover 75 percent of the county.

The audit was done by firefighters, which saved taxpayers about $30,000.

The new ISO ratings will go into effect September first.

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