Electrical fire knocks Americus woman out of home

Electrical fire knocks Americus woman out of home

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - A woman is homeless after a fire ravaged her home. Firefighters said a bad wire sparked the blaze.

The windows on the side of the house are burned out where the fire started, but the real damage is on the front of the home.

Panels from Freddie Battle's home and broken windows litter the yard where a fire sparked yesterday afternoon. The home on Patterson Street is almost a total loss.

"After the fire started, it started going everywhere," said homeowner Freddie Battle.

The fire started around noon yesterday while a repairman was working on Battle's phone line. The window is boarded up now, but the homeowner and neighbors say smoke and fire were pouring from it yesterday afternoon.

"It was very frightening because smoke was coming from everywhere," said neighbor Bernard Minyard.

Battle was able to fight through that smoke and get out of the back door.

"If it had started at night. I doubt it I would have been able to get out. As fast as it happened, and the smoke. I would not have been able to get out so ya I'm very thankful for that," said Battle.

Her neighbors are thinking of ways to help her out; the Red Cross is paying for her to stay in a motel in the meantime.

"It's horrible when you see somebody getting burnt out especially [since she] lost everything," said neighbor Bobby Seay.

Mrs. Battle is still thankful though--even in the face of this big loss.

"I'm thankful; I'm very thankful to Jehovah that nobody was injured; we were able to get out," said Battle.

Firefighters were able to get it under control pretty quickly, but there is still a lot of smoke damage and water damage inside the house.

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