Meth making is a problem in Colquitt Co.

Meth making is a problem in Colquitt Co.
Det. Shawn Bostick
Det. Shawn Bostick

Several meth busts in Colquitt County have been successful because of the Sheriff's Department's Drug Force. But the Sheriff's Office has been seeing a growing trend in the area.

With the last few meth related case's the Colquitt County Sheriff's Department has seen an increase of crystal meth or ice distribution on the streets.

Last week near the 100 block of Jonathan Road in this farming community, Austin McMurphy was arrested for manufacturing meth at his grandmother's house.

"The trend is also showing is that type of meth of meth is being found as much in our drug investigations," said Colquitt County Sheriff's Lt. Shawn Bostick.

But Bostick says there's a new trend. "Drug investigations has noticed an increase in crystal methamphetamine."

Just last week the Drug Enforcement Team arrested Dennis and Jimmy Palmore, and  John Strong, Jr., who were charged with trafficking crystal meth, at a house in Moultrie.

"Those arrest were brought on by search warrant execution from an investigation that the sheriff's office had conducted."

Last month the team was also able executed a warrant for 'Twizted Ink' Tattoo shop. Where police found over $10,000 worth of meth.

"We're glad that we were able to make these cases of course we realized the crime is still going on and we want to make further cases."

Much of these cases they've been able to crack down on starts with the community.

"A lot of investigations stem from complaints from the community." Bostick encourages more tips in order to get a hold on this situation.

Another trend the Sheriff has notice is that crystal meth is being brought in, instead of cooked at someone's home like regular meth.

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