Albany church breaks new ground

Albany church breaks new ground

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany church broke ground Sunday where the new location of its new sanctuary will be.

The new building is a gift for future generations that will have new technology with them in mind.

"It's an old Baptist tradition when you're going from one place to another one. The Lord done blessed us and brought us so far that we wants to give him all the praise and all the glory," said John Roberts.

Antioch Baptist Church is walking away from the past and in to the future.

"We wanted to leave something for the younger generation to come along,” said John Roberts.

Something that was done when John Roberts was a child.

"The older generation has something for us so we need something for the younger generation,” said John Roberts.

So Sunday, they break ground on something the church has been planning for a while now.

"This is a project that we have been working on for the past four years and it's about to come to head now,” said John Roberts

And what they will leave is a brand new sanctuary that will fit double than the current one with the future in mind.

"We are modernizing a lot of features and things about the building," said Pastor Kurt Bland.

The building will have higher space and more room to fit the churches media ministry.

"This sanctuary the ceilings will be high so we can implement screens," said Pastor Kurt Bland.

All new improvements that the church hopes will carry for a long time.

The church expects to be finished with the project by January.

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