Yard Sale for four-year-old autistic boy

Yard Sale for four-year-old autistic boy

Four-year-old  Colt Goodwin is like any other kid who likes to have fun.

"Playing outside, he loves to swim, he loves Mickey Mouse," said Lisa Rennshaw.

But when Colt was just a baby, his mother, Lisa Rennshaw,  notice something was different about her son.

"By the time he was a year old he wasn't talking, he wasn't eating like I thought he should, and there were certain delays that we could see."

Colt was diagnosed with Autism before his third birthday. One of the challenges he faces is eating.

"He just started to regress more and more and more and now it's gotten to where he only eats a hand full of food."

Colt and his mom are getting ready to head off to Atlanta for some intensive treatments. Today friends held a yard sale at Gillionville Baptist Church to help with the expenses.

"She was like were going to have a yard sale and we're going to have a bake sale. And I was like ok. "

Tables upon tables of donations have blown away Rennshaw.

"It has been tremendous the amount of things people have given to us."

Everything from clothes to bake treats will all go to help Colt .

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