A free security survey can help keep your home and business safe

A free security survey can help keep your home and business safe

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit offers free surveys for businesses and homes.

Albany police say even the small details can help keep burglars out your home and business, especially during the summer when those types of crimes tend to pick up.

Something as simple as good lighting can keep criminals from breaking in your home.

That's one tip Albany's crime prevention unit might tell you while doing a free security survey.

"If there's light around then there is less chance of that crime being committed," says Brian Covington, with Albany's Crime Prevention Unit.

General Manager Eric McCallum says that free survey came in handy after Sonny's Restaurant got burglarized last year.

"It was very helpful, let us know what to look for," says General Manager of Sonny's, Eric McCallum.

They learned more about being aware and decided to make some changes, like keeping the lights on longer in the parking lot at night, and in the morning.

"Being in the restaurant business we are always worried about what's inside, and we don't worry about what's outside, so they let us know we needed to start looking around the building and so on and so forth," says McCallum.

And they've made some other changes as well.

"You know we usually close the drawers, now we leave them open so you know they look through the window and see we don't leave anything in the store,” he says.

Police say they've done dozens of surveys for homes and businesses, but look forward to doing more.

"We are a service organization and that's a service that we provide, again for free," says Covington.

A service that McCallum says has helped him keep his business safe from criminals.

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