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Policy snafu prompts moms to nurse at center court

LeeAnn Patterson LeeAnn Patterson
Katy Hughes Katy Hughes
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - About a dozen members of the Albany Lee County Breast Feeding Support Group today at noon fed their babies today at the Food Court of the Albany Mall. They were supporting LeeAnn Patterson, who says a security guard asked her to cover herself.

"I was feeding Caitlin and I was approached by a security guard and told I needed to cover up. I was not trying to be overt, but it was hot and I didn't cover because it was hot in here," Patterson said.

Patterson went on social media and the support group decided to come out and do their form of demonstration. Breast feeding their babies to show their support for LeeAnn and other breast feeding moms.

Administrator "We want people to know that it's normal to breast feed. Get to meet other moms who are nursing to make it more of a normal thing. To encourage breast feeding with all their kids." said Katy Hughes of the Albany Lee County Breast Feeding Support Group.

Mall officials met with Patterson and the support group, and emphasized their policy is full support of breast feeding moms.

"The mall told me it's perfectly fine, perfectly legal to breast feed. It was a misunderstanding on the part of the security guard," Patterson said.

Hughes said "It's good that they'll be able to talk to their staff and make sure that everyone knows that it's ok for moms to breast feed. Whether they are covered or uncovered."

Store owners make their own policy for their business, but all we talked with today said breast feeding mothers were welcome, and even had private rooms ready if that would make them more comfortable.

Albany Mall Officials did not want to go on camera, but said their policy welcoming breast feeding mothers would be emphasized to all employees. 

The Albany Lee County Support Group said they plan to host the national breast feeding event on August 1st, called "The Big Latch On." at the mall.

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