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VPD offers reminder for parents, drivers

Bobbi McGraw Bobbi McGraw

Valdosta Police were reminding drivers Friday to be extra cautious when driving around during the Summer months...and reminding parents to keep a close eye on their children.

Around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, a four year old boy received minor injuries when he ran into the back of an SUV while playing at the end of a driveway near his home in the 200 block of Bluepool Dr.

According to police, a gray Jeep Cherokee was traveling West and had slowed down after seeing the car ahead swerve to miss something in  the street. As the Cherokee passed, the driver felt something hit the back of the car.

A passenger got out and checked, determining that a child had hit the car. The passenger spoke to the boy and his parents and, after determining that the boy was not seriously hurt, left the scene.

Police were investigating the case as a hit and run Thursday, but the driver of the SUV came to the Valdosta Police Department and spoke to police about what happened Friday morning, at which point the case was no longer considered a hit and run. 

"You think of how many children we have in school in the Lowndes County-Valdosta area, they're all out, they're all around their home or daycare or places they stay during the day and they're out playing and they're havin' a good time. It's Summertime and they're not thinkin'," emphasized Valdosta Police Department Cpt. Bobbi McGraw.

As of Friday, no charges had been filed but the case was still under investigation.

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