Prayer Vigil held for Mitchell County teen

Prayer Vigil held for Mitchell County teen
Venterra Pollard, Vigil Organizer
Venterra Pollard, Vigil Organizer
Vernon Johnson, Friend
Vernon Johnson, Friend

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Classmates remember a Mitchell County drowning victim tonight through prayer.

A prayer vigil tonight was held in the Mitchell County High School auditorium honoring 18-year-old Garrett McIntyre.

Garrett McIntyre graduated high school nearly a week ago. He had plans of going into the military before a night of celebration turned into tragedy.

Classmates and family members of 18-year-old Garrett McIntyre shed some tears and held hands in prayer as they remembered the new high school graduate whose life was cut short.

"Garrett was just a really cool classmate to hang around," said Vernon Johnson, Friend. "We always joked around and clowned in class."

McIntyre was one of 30 guests celebrating their graduation from Mitchell County High School at this Dougherty County home Saturday when he slipped underwater unnoticed. Vernon Johnson found his friend in the pool.

"Everything just happened in the blink of an eye," said Johnson.

Other classmates also tried saving him and administering CPR. Paramedics resuscitated McIntyre, but he never recovered and died Tuesday.

"It's just been kind of rough," said Johnson. "This is our first experience of the real world and we took a loss like that."

Pastors, school and Law Enforcement officials led tonight's prayer vigil encouraging youth to not take life for granted.

"For so many to have graduated and take life so unlikely, not serious, in a moment, in a matter of time, how life can be gone," said Venterra Pollard, Vigil Organizer.

Pollard also says there's a need for more engaging activities for youth in Camilla.

"Are we doing everything in our will power so that we can have our youth for our future," said Pollard.

Friends say they know Garrett is in a better place and are using this opportunity to unite as a community.

"Show love, unite with another," said Pollard.

"Cause I know his family is in pain," said Johnson. "We're just trying to build his family up."

The funeral for Garrett McIntyre will be Saturday at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Mitchell County.

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