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Dougherty County jail inmate charged for weapon possession

A Dougherty County jail inmate is charged with having a weapon in his cell.

 Jail officials say it's a problem they fight everyday.

Jail officials say on May 21st, frequent inmate Joshua Johns threatened a to harm himself with a "shank."  

Jailers quickly searched his cell and found a 6-inch long blade from a pair of scissors hidden in his mattress. 

Dougherty County Jail Director Colonel John Ostrander said "Most of the shanks that we find in the facility are small. Not necessarily sophisticated.  Could not do a whole lot of damage.  But is a continual battle. That's why we continuously do cell searches, which we do on a daily basis."

Johns was charged with felony inmate possession of a weapon and made his first appearance before a Judge Thursday. 

He is being held in disciplinary supervision which includes a loss of privileges.

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