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Saving on your electric bill during hot weather

Marketing Manager Monique Broughton Marketing Manager Monique Broughton
Albany resident Aaliyah Hubert Albany resident Aaliyah Hubert
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As the temperatures heat up, people are finding all kinds of ways to stay cool. It's the time of year when many of us crank up our air conditioners, and that can get pretty expensive.

"It's very hot- even in the spring time it gets hot," said Aaliyah Hubert of Albany.

But if you're tempted to cut that a/c down low, don't do it too fast. "You don't want your unit to be running because the hotter it is outside the harder that unit has to work if you have it set low," Monique Broughton said.

Also it's a good idea to turn your unit off when you are not home. "We do suggest you bump it up to five or ten degrees if you can stand it higher when your don't there because the unite is going to cool the house and the unit doesn't know if you there or not."

And ceiling fans can be extremely helpful. You can also can call Albany Utilities for a free home audit. They give you tips on insulating your home and how to make it more energy efficient.

"Little small tips but that's a free service we do offer," Broughton said.

They also have the HOPE program to help people who have emergencies, and are unable to pay their bills. "They have fallen on hard times. They've lost their job, their hours have been cut, and so occasionally people need help and we do have a program to assist them with that."

And in the meantime south Georgians will continue to look for all kinds of ways to stay cool. "We eat freeze pops, ice cream, stuff like that," Hubert said.

If the heat index is above a hundred degrees the Albany Utilities Board won't cut off your electricity but you still have to pay your bill.

If your interested in having someone come and do a home audit, call Albany Utilities at 229-883-8330 ext. 502, to set up an appointment.

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