Editorial: Albany City Government

Editorial: Albany City Government

Albany City leaders just filled the two most important jobs in city government.

We have more confidence in one hire than the other.

Michael Persley has what it takes to be an excellent police chief.

He worked his way up through the ranks over more than 20 years, serving in multiple leadership roles.

He has been open and honest with the public and the media and is committed to this community and this country, serving as a Captain in the National Guard.

Sharon Subadan is about to start as the new city manager.

She was demoted twice in Hillsborough County after an audit showed serious problems with a homeless assistance program she oversaw.

She told us she worked hard to rectify those problems and turn around the program.

The mayor and commissioners told us they questioned Subudan about the problems and were satisfied with her answers.

They voted unanimously to hire her.

They're convinced she's right for the job.

We hope they're right.

We need strong and honest leaders as city manager and police chief to move Albany forward, and we wish Chief Persley and Ms. Subadan well in their new jobs.

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