Murder victim's sister patiently waits for justice

Murder victim's sister patiently waits for justice

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The sister of a murder victim spoke out after two persons of interest were caught in coastal Georgia. Conardo Dennard and Keontay Miller were brought to the Crisp County jail Thursday afternoon.

Officials tell us Dennard, who is Fort's second cousin, and Miller were both wanted on outstanding warrants. Lynor Fort said the nightmare she's living hasn't stopped.

Thursday was another day at work for her, and another day that the pain of her brother's loss lingers.

"Still in shock. Still feel like in this deep deep nightmare," said Lynor Fort.

Her brother, 39-year old Tellis Fort, was gunned down outside his 12th Street home on May 14th and that news is still hard to believe.

"It's real hard. Today was actually a better day."

The Waffle House waitress says each day brings new challenges, but she grieves in private so she can be strong for her family.

"I'm good when I leave here most of the times and stuff; I just wait until I get in my car and then I let my emotions out before I get to the house and be around the kids," said Fort.

Thursday, officials picked up the duo in Camden County and brought them back for questioning--a step that was supposed to bring some closure.

"I thought that it would have made things a little bit easier, but when I think of the fact that one of the guys in question could actually be involved and he's our second cousin, that doesn't make the situation any better," said Fort.

Still, Fort said she desires justice in this terrible crime.

"He's with our Heavenly Father, but it's still doesn't ease that pain and it still doesn't take it away," said Fort.

And she'll patiently wait until that justice comes.

Police have not released any new charges in the murder, but they have scheduled a news conference for Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock.

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