Mitchell Co. wreck victims win millions in damages

Mitchell Co. wreck victims win millions in damages

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Ralph and Debbie Murphy were severely injured in a wreck involving semi trucks in February of 2011, on US 19 in Mitchell County.

They sued, and on Tuesday, won their case.

Attorney Matt Cook of Gainesville said that after a week-long jury trial, a Mitchell County jury returned a verdict of $4.75 million in favor of the Murphys, who are his clients.

The Mitchell County clerk's office said that Ralph was awarded four million dollars, and Debbie Murphy $750,000.

Two semi-trucks collided and burst into flames in that wreck, causing two other passenger vehicles to crash into them.

An Emery Farms truck driver Norman Larue of Tennessee was delivering chicken to the Equity Group Processing Plant on Highway 19, when he pulled out in front of a semi carrying sod, and the two collided.

Larue, represented by Fred Valls and Mary Katz, was ordered to pay the damages. Emery farms is now defunct.

Cory Jarvis of Moultrie, who worked at the Equity Group, rescued William 'Ralph' Murphy Senior and William 'Cody' Murphy, Junior from the blazing vehicle.

Jarvis was burned and sent to the hospital, along with the Murphys. Lou Scott of Camilla was also injured and taken to a hospital.

When the crash occurred around 5:00AM, fog was dense, and may have been a factor.

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